Nutrition Handbook Updated

Nutrition Handbook Updated and in E-format

Carolyn has been providing cancer patients with detailed information in a written format since 1986. First published in 2001, The Cancer Nutrition Center Handbook is now available in an updated, fourth edition.

"This book explains the three stages in a cycle of nutrition and cancer, offering important tips and tasty and appropriate recipes for each stage. I have arranged the information to assist those newly diagnosed as well as those who have been battling cancer for a while. My wish is that this book and the recipes can assist you and your family in making your journey a little easier."

by Carolyn Katzin


Cancer Nutrition Handbook
Table of Contents

Introduction and How to Use This Book
Nutrition Guidelines for Everyone
Eating to Reduce Your Risk of Cancer
Three Stages in a Cycle of Nutrition and Cancer
Nutrition During Treatment
Nutrition and Chemotherapy
Radiation Treatment and Nutrition
Some Supplements and Helpful Foods
Some Important Reminders
Herbs and Surgery Warnings
Foods Helpful for Healthy Liver Function
Suggestions for Handling Problems During Treatment
Eating to Provide Maximum Immunity
Dietary Fat/Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Cancer
Digestive Enzymes
Sample Food Choices
Some Diet Suggestions
My Daily Food Guide
Helpful Recipes
Recipe Index
Bibliography and Further Reading
Resource Addresses

Books, Services and Resources

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