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Let the 3 A's of Precision Nutrition guide your Nutrition and Cancer Journey

Carolyn Katzin headshot

Meet Carolyn


Carolyn's goal is to inform, inspire and uplift you and your loved ones as you navigate a cancer diagnosis and treatment.  

Learn how much protein you need and delicious ways to enjoy it.  Discover which foods may be helpful and which ones more of a challenge to digest during treatment.

Many people find that one session is so comprehensive that this is all they need, but follow up visits are also available. Carolyn is here to guide you and be a part of your health team!

Recipes and Practical Tips 


The Cancer Nutrition Center Handbook

is full of valuable tips and hints and over 100 delicious and easy to prepare recipes designed to optimize your wellness during and after treatment. 

New and updated 7th Edition now available.


Watermelon, cherry tomatoes, onion and feta cheese salad
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