New and Updated 7th Edition

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Precision Nutrition

Newly Diagnosed with Cancer 

During Treatment

After Treatment and in Recovery

Prevention and in Remission

Carolyn's new book:


This new and updated edition of The Cancer Nutrition Center Handbook offers cancer patients and their loved ones a guide for eating well during treatment and beyond. 

The Cancer Nutrition Center Handbook is now in its 7th edition at Amazon.  I hope you will find it as helpful a guide as thousands of others already have. It makes an uplifting and informative gift and provides tools for the different stages of treatment with specific drug-nutrient interactions.  We are in a new era of precision medicine and targeted therapies to enhance cancer treatment.  I have a professional certification in genetics and genomics from Stanford that provides me with a deeper understanding of precision health.  Nutrition has never been more important  for you and your loved ones to thrive.

Be well!