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Delicious Smoothies

Smoothies are an ideal way to add protein to your diet. Add whey or rice and pea protein to any liquid to add a protein serving of 20 grams (typically). Each protein source has its own health benefits and it is smart to switch them up having whey one day and a vegan source like rice and pea another day.

The Cancer Center Handbook has 22 protein smoothie recipes - all are easy to make and make a delicious addition to any cancer patient's meal plan

"Raspberry Razmataz - a delicious smoothie of fresh raspberries and whey protein"

Black raspberries have a unique flavinoid that has especial benefits for the health of the upper digestive system as well. They are available as a powdered extract, liquid or lozenge - seeds are crushed to a fine powder.

Black Raspberries

Learn more about Black Raspberries at

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